Dominiak Design is almost 30 years experienced in providing excellent dresses: for weddings and formal occasions. 

Elżbieta Dominiak, a Polish dress designer has been creating amazing dresses: both for weddings, and official occasions. Her work is less of stitching and combining various premium quality fabrics: it is mainly… psychology.


„Every woman is like a diamond. That diamond needs a frame. It takes a bit of understanding, who she is, before a dress can be designed. It is always a completely individual process. We talk. I observe my Client carefully. I study her movements, gestures.  But I also listen to her. I learn about her dreams, aspirations, plans. It takes time, and theoretically, it is not essential to make a dress. But it IS ESSENTIAL to make a SPECIAL dress. And I only make special dresses.”


Elżbieta has been creating her dresses in a studio located on two floors of a 19th century building, standing on the main square of the oldest city of Poland: KALISZ. The surroundings are very important for her. „The city shapes my creative process. The city of Kalisz has been described in quite a few works of literature. This tradition is still in the air, as I walk along the streets and alleys of my amazing city.” Visitors often compared her studio to a „Saville Row for ladies”. And indeed, there is some resemblance in the mix of sewing machines, large tables, scissors, and rolls of fabrics, to the famous tailor’s workshops.


Her 29 years of work gained recognition, as Dominiak Design now stepped outside - into the wild world of fashion. It all begun with a show in Warsaw. She was immediately spotted by organizer of a September 2018 Milan show. After Milan, this January, Dominiak Design presented her work - a collection of wedding dresses at the opening of Fashion Week in Berlin. That show was attended by several hundred viewers.


The next step is Paris. She is about to show her dresses at the beginning of March 2019.